Super Agaricus 

75g * 10 sachets


Ingredients : Agaricus blazei Murrill.Fruiting body.

Extracted by panted high tech process, it is 20 times more contrate compared to ordinary boilling method.Enzymatic hydrolysis to extract other active ingredients. Used only Japan cultivated Himematsutake and safe to consume. No preservative added.



It contains the unique b-1,6-D-glucan-protein-complex that is not found in other mushrooms (lingzhi,polyporus,xiangku,maitake).Beside its excellent immune modulation effects, this unique structure enables the active ingredient to be digested and absorbed more easily in the digestive tract.

Its fatty acids and steroid fractions also proved to have immune bosstering effects.

Its mycelium contains glucamannan polysaccharide-protein (more than 50%) that is bioactive and has excellent functional effects.

It is also rich in nucleic acids, organic acids, vitamins, minerals and fibers that make it an ideal edible mushroom for optimum health.

Various choices of product(tablet,powder and concentrate for easy consumption and convienent packing .

*Himematsutake (Iwade Strain 101) is not a medicine or a drug, it is the most potent immune modulating functional food and excesses consumption will not have any harmful side effect.It is highly beneficial for those who wish to maintain their health or sick person who wish to expedite their recovery.Consumers are advised to choose only pure Japanese Cultivated Himematsutake (Iwade Strain 101) tonsure its efficacy and quality.